The Mountain Dog Diet – A Different Way To Lose Bodyfat


* Keeping your liver healthy

When I first started visiting Dr Serrano, he used to always palpate my liver, and he was very focused on blood work results – liver enzyme counts being one of the most important. He continually stressed the importance of healthy liver function not only in terms of general health, but in terms of fat burning.

Your liver is a very key organ that takes a beating cleansing our systems of toxins, metabolizing proteins, etc. If it’s stressed out, you can’t burn fat as efficiently. It can also get to the point rather easily, where it can’t break down aldosterone, which leads to excess water retention. Every single day your liver actually produces a quart of bile that emulsifies and absorbs fats. Your gall bladder (providing you still have one), then stores this until it’s needed.

Your liver does many other important things as well such as converting glucose, fructose and galactose into glycogen, which it stores. If you’re partaking in a lower carb type of diet your liver will convert the stored glycogen into glucose and then release it into your bloodstream, then when out of glycogen, it will convert fat and protein for energy.

I don’t like it when someone is converting their protein into glycogen. It’s hard to tell when, usually they start getting more sore, weaker and their muscles have a “flatter” appearance – but I try not to let people get to this level of depletion. I’d much rather see someone get additional energy from Coconut Oil, as it’s so easy to turn into energy – doesn’t even require bile salts, or do a carb up day consisting of only lean proteins and carbs – no fats for this. Fats slow the entry of sugar into your bloodstream. Normally that is good, but not in this case.

Anyway, your liver is pretty dang tough, and can even do some regeneration of damaged cells. Despite this, I like to use a few supplements to help (Liv 52, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Milk Thistle). This combination is rotated to product optimal results. There also food sources that I incorporate into diets to help the liver and gall bladder, such as real lemon juice (not from concentrate – helps with bile formation) real cranberry juice (not from concentrate – helps dilute and expel waste), and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Of course the saturated fats that I recommended above also help. Saturates protect the liver from toxins!


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