The Mountain Dog Diet – A Different Way To Lose Bodyfat


Vitamin D

This vitamin (actually it’s more of Pro-hormone), unlike Vitamin A, can’t be stored in our livers for very long. We need a more continual supply of it. A very compelling reason for a bodybuilder or athlete to ensure a good intake of this vitamin is the fact that it greatly affects healthy insulin function. It also helps maintain a healthy nervous system, which is extremely important if you train hard. Good food sources include whole eggs, sardines, mackerel, herring, shrimp, butter and oysters. It’s hard for me to eat Salmon every single day, so sometimes I opt for a shrimp stir-fry for lunch and throw in some Trueprotein Fish Oil for my DHA.

The absolute best source of vitamin D is Fermented Cod Liver Oil. When using this, I usually get the fermented kind sold on They make a great product also where they combine this with high Vitamin Butter Oil, so you have plenty of options with this vitamin as well. I also recommend you get your Vitamin D levels tested. There are many autoimmune disorders thought to be caused by low Vitamin D levels. I have a good friend who has Crohns disease, and they watch his Vitamin D very closely to keep it in normal range. The test you want to have order is called a 25 (OH) D test.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a very strong antioxidant and good for maintaining cardiovascular health. Good food sources include red palm oil, green leafy veggies, liver, egg yolks, and my favorite – wheat germ. I love sprinkling wheat germ into shakes, on yogurts and in oatmeal. Grass fed beef is also a great source for this vitamin.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is important for blood clotting, and is also real important in maintaining proper bone density. Good food sources include leafy green veggies, liver and cabbage type veggies. I like spinach for this. One of my favorite pre-contest meals is a six egg omelet stuffed with spinach!


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