The Ultimate List of Fat Burning Tips – 60 Tips to Help You Burn Fat Fast

Take a look at our list of general fat burning tips that will help you in shedding those excess pounds faster.

1. Running ten 100 yard sprints can burn up to 500 calories.

2. Wear a sweatshirt before starting your workout. Your body burns more calories when your muscles are warm.

3. Serve your meals on a smaller plate. This way, you can limit the size of your meals.

4. Substitute the sour cream and mayonnaise with Greek yogurt to reduce the calorie intake.

5. Eat shelled nuts. Shelling the nuts has a psychological effect and it’s proven that triggers a feeling of satiety. Studies show that you can reduce the amount of nuts you eat by 50% as a result of this psychological effect.

6. Take a sugar free mint flavored gum after eating. Your brain picks up the mint flavor as a signal to stop eating.

7. Consume nuts instead of fast foods and sugary snacks.

8. Start practicing power yoga. You can spend up to 350 calories per session.

9. Do your workout on an empty stomach once a in a while. This method helps you maintain high adrenaline and low blood sugar levels.

10. Alternate between fast sprints and jogging. This is one of the best ways to rev up your metabolism.

11. Consume protein instead of carbohydrates for breakfast.

12. Find a training partner. According to research, when you workout with a partner you reduce the chances to skip a workout by 34%.

13. Consume plenty of water. One of the numerous adverse side effects of dehydration is the feeling of hunger.

14. Avoid frying your food. Eat poached or boiled eggs, bake your meat and fish.

15. Go to the pool. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise. You can also run in the pool, if your feet touch the bottom, or do other exercises.

16. Take a before and after photo. Seeing your results can get you motivated and point to the areas that need improvement.

17. Avoid putting cream and sugar in your coffee. Cut down 100 calories by switching to skimmed milk.

18. Cycle as often as you can. One hour of cycling burns 500 calories.

19. Workout on an elliptical trainer with handles. You increase the calorie consumption by recruiting your arm muscles.

20. Include berries in your diet. Add them to your protein shake to increase the amount of fiber you consume.


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